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14 Oct 2016

Nowadays people insuring their financial status with several investment plans but for a peaceful life one need to secure the health part too. Any insurance planning is incomplete if it lacks health insurance plans. Apollo Hospitals Group has joined hands with Munich Health to offer some of the best health insurance plans of recent time. 

Individual Health Insurance Plans from Apollo

Apollo Health Insurance presents many individual health plans designed to offer convenience and best-of-class medical assistance with complete peace of mind. These are the most awarded health insurance plans available in the market. With Apollo Health Insurance plans, you are getting cashless hospitalization facility, restoration of benefits with 100% no claim bonus and no additional loadings at renewal time due to claims. 

Family Health Insurance Plans from Apollo

Apollo Health Insurance comes with specially designed family health insurance plans that give complete protection to your family in case of any medical emergency. Here family defines the insured, his/her spouse, two dependent children along with dependent parents, in-laws and grandparents. The plans include benefits like coverage for the entire family under one plan, no additional loading at the renewal time if claims have been issued already and 100% no claim bonus and sum insured of Rs3.0 Lakhs to Rs15.0 Lakhs. 

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans from Apollo

In present scenario, senior citizens’ health must be insured properly with health insurance plans. Apollo Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans are particularly perfect for people over 65 years of age. The plans cover major part of the medical expenses to keep financial status of the insured person safe and secured. These plans cover expenses related to in-patient hospitalization, pre/post hospitalization, day care, domiciliary treatments, emergency ambulance, organ transplant and many. These plans also offer lifelong cover for the insured and spouse, 5% discount for every claim-free year, cashless coverage across network hospitals and no claim based loadings on renewals.

 Why You Should Take Health Insurance Plans?

In this age of high inflation, medical expenses have also increased exponentially. If you along with your family members are not insured under health insurance plan, any medical emergency can tremendously disturb your financial stability. Increase in the lifestyle-related illnesses is another strong reason that you should buy health insurance policies. Most of us are protected under some kind of group health insurance plans but that is not sufficient to cover your family’s health related expenses. 

Which Health Insurance Plan To Choose?

At Apollo Health Insurance, you are getting access to all types of health insurance plans. From their wide range, you can pick suitable health plans to satisfy your requirement. There are mainly two types of health insurance plans namely Reimbursement Based plans and Fixed Benefit Hospitalization plans. The first category is again divided into subcategories like Individual Health Insurance plan and Family Floater Insurance plan. Fixed Benefit category includes Critical Illness plan and Hospital Cash/Surgical Benefit plan. After reading the benefits and eligibility, you can decide on which type to choose. 

When To Buy Health Insurance Plans?

If you are enjoying your late twenties or early thirties, it will sound ridiculous of buying health insurance plans. Although the truth is as early you take your health insurance plans, the more rewarding it will be for you. Health insurance plan costs nominal up to 30 years of age, after that you have to pay lump sum to get the desirable plan. With Apollo Health Insurance plans, you are also eligible for tax rebates under Section 80C of Income Tax Act. Therefor buy health insurance plans as early as possible and be at pink of your health for lifetime.


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